Drink menu

Enjoy the restaurant menu that we provide

Restaurant Menu

Room service will include surcharge IDR 10,000/item


Tequila Sunrise


Blue Lagoon

Strawberry Daiquiry

Fruit Tingle

Spirit IDR 85,000
Dry gin, Vodka Smirnof, Tequila, Bacardi Rum and Myer's Rum
Spirit IDR 85,000
Red Lable, Whisky and Jim Beam
Spirit IDR 105,000
Black Lable and Jack Daniel
Cocktail IDR 95,000
Black Russian, Margaritha, Coffee Martini, Gimlet and Sidecar
Long Drink IDR 100,000
Long Island, Capriosca, Tequila Sunrise, Midori Crush


Beer Bintang (Small) IDR 55,000
Beer Bintang (Large) IDR 70,000
Heineken IDR 65,000