Pool Bar Beverages

Enjoy the Pool Bar menu that we provide


Nett Price

Tequila Sunrise


Blue Lagoon

Strawberry Daiquiry

Fruit Tingle

Spirit IDR 85,000
Dry gin, Vodka Smirnof, Tequila, Bacardi Rum and Myer's Rum
Spirit IDR 85,000
Red Lable, Whisky and Jim Beam
Spirit IDR 105,000
Black Lable and Jack Daniel
Cocktail IDR 95,000
Black Russian, Margaritha, Coffee Martini, Gimlet and Sidecar
Long Drink IDR 100,000
Long Island, Capriosca, Tequila Sunrise, Midori Crush


Beer Bintang (Small) IDR 55,000
Beer Bintang (Large) IDR 70,000
Heineken IDR 65,000


Mocktail IDR 45,000
Pina Colada Punch
Mocktail IDR 45,000
Fruit Punch
Mocktail IDR 45,000
Virgin Mary
Ice Blend IDR 45,000
VanillaCoffee, Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana and Milk & Blend Ice
Ice Tea IDR 45,000
Ice Mint Tea & Ice Lemon Tea


Spider (Cola & Vanilla Ice Cream ) IDR 45,000
Shirley Temple (Sprite, Vanilla Ice Cream & Grenadine ) IDR 45,000
Mickey Mouse ( Cola & Chocolate Ice Cream) IDR 38,000
Orson (Fanta Orange & Vanilla Ice Cream) IDR 45,000

Hot Beverages

Pot of Dilmah Tea IDR 30,000
Cammomile, Jasmine, Green Tea, Peppermint, Black Currant, English breakfast Tea
Pot of Bali Coffee IDR 25,000
Pot of Nescafe IDR 30,000
Pot of Chocolate Ovaltine IDR 30,000
Cappucino IDR 30,000
Espresso IDR 30,000
Mexican Coffee IDR 100,000
Jamaican Coffee IDR 100,000

Non Alcoholic Beverages

Water Melon

Manggo Juice

Orange Juice

Pineapple Juice

Vegetable Juice

Soft Drink IDR 25,000
Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite and Soda Water
Soft Drink (Can) IDR 25,000
Tonic Water, Diet Coke, Ginger Ale
Mineral Water IDR 17,000
Fresh Juice IDR 30,000
Pineapple, Honey Dew Melon, Lime, Banana
Fresh Juice IDR 35,000
Manggo, Strawberry, Avocado ( seasonal)

Imported Wine


Medium bodied with the aroma of fig and melon, exhibiting citrus fruit flavours, giving the wine a long and aromatic finish.

SHIRAZ Two Islands

Full bodied American oak maturation. It has aromas of spicy cherry and black pepper enhanced by the mocha and vanillin aromas.


Rose - Hatten Wine IDR 475,000
Semy dry rose wine from locally grown Alphonse - Lavalle grapes of French origin.
Aga Red - Hatten IDR 475,000
Medium bodied red wine made from local Alphonse - Lavallee grapes.
Aga White - Hatten IDR 475,000
Made from the Belgia grapes. This wine has a crisp clean acid finish with a hint citrus enhanced by elegant muscat fruit.
Alexandria White Wine - Hatten IDR 475,000
This medium sweet white wine is very aromatic with grapey characters and lovely floral perfume.
Combination of white wine & soda water.